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Make smart property investment decisions with tailored advice.

Property Magnate is a privatley owned and independant property investment consultancy.

The Founder, Adam Sutherland, has a BSc in Investment and Finance in Property and is a qualified Investment Advisor. If you have £25k+ to invest we can provide specliaist tailored advice to help maximize your returns.​​​​​​​

Property Investment Consultancy

Tailored independant advice from experienced and qualified investment consultants. Our services include property sourcing, strategic advice, and funding solutions for every ambitious property investor.

Investment sourcing

We offer a variety of options to help our clients achieve their property investment objectives.

Property finance

We are in contact with the most celebrated award winning mortgage brokers in the UK.

Professional advice

Our job as your investment consultant is to provide valuable professional market advice.

Investor community

We have a lively community of investors that comment on our blog posts & armchair investment opportunities.

Outstanding customer service tailored to each individual and dedicated consultants who know you by name.

Why Choose Us?

At our consultancy your business is not just a transaction, it’s a relationship. You aren’t just an account, you are an individual with unique goals who deserves a tailor-made solution.

Dedicated Consultants

We believe that a single point of contact provides for a highly effective engagement to address your investment objectives.

Effective Bespoke Advice

Open architecture platform to access the best investment solutions that are suitable for your needs. We will grow your capital.

Personal Approach

Our approach to addressing your unique needs ensures that solutions make sense for your individual situation.

We provide high-quality investment services to more than 150 clients








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Property Magnate Investment Services

We offer a range of consultancy services. Call us to arrange a free consultation.

Investment Property Sourcing

We offer a variety of options to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. Book a free consultation.

Specialist Mortgage Advice

We work with the most celebrated award winning mortgage brokers in the UK.  We will get you the best deal.

Investment Management

As well as sourcing you property investments we can manage the negotiation and acquisiton process.

Client Testimonials

What clients say about us.

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Property Investor


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Property Investor


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